MEYTEC at the CIC-event in Sankt-Petersburg

MEYTEC was part of a trade delegation from the Federal State Brandenburg that visited St. Petersburg (Russia) in April. The event was jointly organized by the CIC of Brandenburg and of CIC Saint Petersburg. Viacheslav Galchenko, one of MEYTEC’s scientific staff presented selected telemedicine solutions applicable for cooperation with medical users from Russian and Germany. There is a large interest for the deployment of teleclinics in Russia, in particular for a teleoncological approach. The complete package contains a teleradiological exchange platform and a web-based portal for enquiry management for physicians and patients with an integrated database.
Since 2015 the VIMED® TELECLINIC has operated in Irkutsk, which primarily cooperates with a hospital in Chemnitz. Meanwhile there are other hospitals interested on the cooperation.

2016-ihk-st-petersburg-01MEYTEC at the CIC-event in Saint-Petersburg