MEYTEC presents the new VIMED® DOC

A new stationary telemedicine system VIMED® DOC 3 will be available at the beginning of 2015. The important part is the newly created PC-System VIMED® MPC, which is designed for continuous operation, demonstrating a high level of stability and reliability. A special modification of the system is VIMED® TELECLINIC. VIMED® TELECLINIC is the telemedicine solution with a web-based telemedicine platform for medical communication at national and international level. The teleradiology solution, as well as the multi-control-unit, can be integrated optionally. Several areas of telemedicine can be covered with the system. The use by international patient tourism is already in good demand. The medical centers of the big cities could be used as a central contact point for the first contact with patient concerned before they go abroad to an international target hospital. The provision of collected data is based on the high security standards. The first international orders are already delivered.
Telemedizin-System VIMED® Teleclinic