TANNE goes live

In Germany, it is the State of Bavaria that has long pioneered the use of digital medical solutions. Continuing this pioneering spirit the region’s doctors and nurses will now use telemedical solutions, in the sensitive area of palliative care. TANNE (“Telemedical Answers to Neuropalliative Inquiries in Real Time”) will see specialist Bavarian based Palliative out-patient care teams (SAPV) and hospices receive in-depth consultation and therepy suggestions for their patients, from experienced neurologists at Agatharied Hospital in Hausham. With the backing of the German Innovation Fund and following several months of intensive preparation, a positive vote from the Ethics Council, has meant that the first patients can now be enrolled into the care study of the TANNE project. The focus is on the evaluation of telemedical supported intervention (teleconsil) for palliative patients with neurological symptoms or diseases. MEYTEC has equipped the palliative care teams with special telemedicine devices. Tablet computers, utilising MEYDOC® App software, are used by the SAPV teams to enable the virtual presentation of patients during the teleconsults. The security of the data transmission, using MEYDOC® App, has been approved by a European data protection seal from the independent testing company ePrivacy.

ePrivacyseal EU

To ensure reliable Internet availability, the devices utilise mobile data cards from two different network providers. One data SIM is installed in the device, while the second one is fitted into an external mobile LTE router.