Research project “Telediagnostics in the Emergency Service (dt. TEDIR)”

The research project from Berlin-Brandenburg “Telediagnostics in the Emergency Service (dt. TeDiR)” started in June 2013. The project partners are, on the Berlin side: the Center for Stroke Research CSB of the Charité University Medical Department, the Berlin Fire Department on the Brandenburg side: the Hospital Frankfurt (Oder), Ambulance Service Märkisch-Oderland and MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme. The research project should enable the developing of new telemedicine applications through the provision and integration of the latest technologies in the special rescue vehicles and ambulances. MEYTEC plays the role of the technology partner. It will be responsible for the overall technical solution in the project.

The medical part of the research project involves the telemedical support of the treatment procedures to the acute patients in emergency vehicles. The capacities of the telemedical support of the paramedics by the emergency doctors are to be examined, especially in rural regions, whether telemedicine can play a more important role for medical care in the future.