MEYTEC attend symposium in Kasan (Tatarstan)

The CEO of MEYTEC GmbH Medizinsysteme, Gerhard W. Meyer, accepted an invitation from the Russian Academy of the Medical Sciences (RAMS) on the 27th February 2014 to attend the symposium for Emergency Medicine in Kasan (Russia/Tatarstan). He gave an overview over of the innovations in the field of telemedicine and in the new health care concepts for the treatment of acute stroke patients. Gerhard W. Meyer’s presentation received significant interest from the Russian audience, eagerly awaiting the implementation of such concepts for the treatment of acute stroke in their country. Before the symposium began, there was a meaningful personal discussion between Gerhard Meyer and the Minister of Health for the autonomous Republic of Tatarstan. From both sides it was agreed to continue further collaboration. The Minister of Health was present during the presentation and he asked many questions about the MEYTEC solutions for telemedical stroke networks. In addition he was very interested in the pre-hospital solution Stroke Emergency Mobile Unit (STEMO).