Teleambulance in the earthquake area in Umbria (Italy)

After the earthquakes in Italy at the end of October MEYTEC was asked by representatives from the Umbria region to provide the VIMED® TELEAMBULANCE platform to provide the health care provision for the affected citizens of the region. The managing directors of MEYTEC confirmed they were totally committed to help the devastated region in what ever way they could. As a result MEYTEC’s managing director Steffen Meyer personally drove the TELEAMBULANCE over 1.500 km to the place of deployment in Cascia.
With the hospital in Cascia is in danger of collapse, it is unsafe for medical staff to enter the hospital buildings for the time being. Safely positioned near to the damaged hospital the VIMED® TELEAMBULANCE will be used for teleconsultations with medical consultants from Foligno in case of complex disorders. The medical equipment of the special ambulance includes a capacitive multichannel ECG medical device, hematology analyzer, wound documentation camera, ultrasound device and defibrillator, which was provided by the Teaching Hospital in Jena. The German Red Cross in Jena also provided a rescue backpack. All gathered medical data is transferred securely to the server in Umbria. The involved medical experts can access the server after registration securely with their own login details. There is a bidirectional video communication with the medical experts from the Foligno hospital. The VIMED® TELEAMBULANCE platform was provided in the context of humanitarian assistance. The current duration of this project is restricted to the six months and has attracted a large media response in Italy and Germany.

Fotos: MEYTEC, VIMED® TELEAMBULANCE Übergabe in CasciaPhotos: MEYTEC, VIMED® TELEAMBULANCE handover in Cascia
Fotos: MEYTEC, VIMED® TELEAMBULANCE Übergabe in Cascia