New generation of HD-Telemedicine systems available

MEYTEC has produced and delivered the next generation of High Definition Telemedicine systems in 2018. These are the telemedicine systems for clinical deployment: VIMED® DOC 3 HD+ and VIMED® DOC BASIC 3 HD+ as well as new mobile workstations VIMED® TELEDOC 4/5 HD+. They are characterized by improved audiovisual performance and comply with the newest international standards for video compression (optional up to H.265). The mobile telemedicine workstations are equipped with HD video camera with 20x optical zoom performance. The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technology of the wireless workstations VIMED® TELEDOC 5 have also been updated. The new generation is technically superior for the deployment in new telemedicine environments with medical products and for the routing of medical data.