Telemedicine service for home care of patients with multiple sclerosis in Umbria/Italy

A new telemedicine service has been launched in the Italian region of Umbria for patients with multiple sclerosis at home using video based consultations.
MEYTEC, the technological partner, provided their MEYDOC® solution for the aftercare at home by hospital doctors. Patients can use the free MEYDOC® Client App on the private smartphones and tablet PCs without compromise. Medics can use Windows® software MEYDOC® Master, which can also enable multipoint sessions with up to 16 concurrent participants. The new service will provide telemedicine care for up to 300 patients in the region.

What is MEYDOC®?
MEYDOC® is a software solution for secure point-to-point/multipoint video based communication in medicine and nursing care. MEYDOC® is easy to use and the video, as well as audio quality, is very good. The following features distinguish MEYDOC® and provide the necessary flexibility and reassuring security, during uncertain times:

  • True (server-independent) point-to-point video communication
  • Guaranteed availability, e.g. in the event of simultaneous use in peak times
  • End-to-end encrypted communication with up to 16 participants
  • End-to-end authentication of users (unique digital signature)
  • Low infrastructure requirements with disproportionately high performance potential

Functional highlights

  • Uncomplicated contactless launch, i.e. per remote
  • Fast start with secure video communication
  • Central administration of contacts (PIN generation)
  • Effective management of large customer bases
  • Data transfer via encrypted connection
  • Interactive collaboration between doctors:
    • Desktop-Sharing
    • Application sharing
    • Remote control
    • Instant chat
  • Customizable e-mail template for inviting new contacts
  • Concurrent user licensing model without time or workload limitations
  • Free app for Android and iOS-enabled mobile devices for patients

Typical use cases

  • Consultations between specialists
  • Consultations between GP’s and specialists in private practice
  • Consultations between GP’s or specialists in private practice with hospital doctors
  • Case conferences between treating physicians
  • Consultation between doctor and patient

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