NeTKoH – Neurological teleconsultation with GPs to strengthen specialist’ care in Western Pomerania


NeTKoH is an innovative project to strengthen regional outpatient care for patients with neurological diseases. The aim is to improve specialist neurological care in rural areas of West Pomerania. To this end, GPs in the region are being linked via telemedicine to the Neurology Clinic and Polyclinic at the University Hospital of Greifswald. Thanks to the telemedicine network, GPs will be able to consult a specialist even during office hours. This means that a neurologist from the university hospital can be consulted and treatment decisions can be made without any loss of time. MEYTEC is a consortium partner within the NeTKoH project and provides technical solutions as well as the necessary systems for telemedicine consultations between general practitioners and neurologists. Telemedicine is an important building block for improving healthcare in the underdeveloped region of West Pomerania. The NeTKoH project is funded by the Innovation Committee of the Federal Joint Committee.

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