MEYTEC and Medfield Diagnostics (Sweden) agree close cooperation


In May 2015 MEYTEC Informationssysteme and Medfield Diagnostics AB agreed in Gothenburg a close and long-term cooperation on the development, production and marketing of the completely new medical device named “Strokefinder”. The system is based on microwave technology enabling clinicians to distinguish between the different types of stroke through evaluation of the reflexions from the brain tissue. In the future the device can be implemented into the special ambulance vehicle equipped with telemedicine. Although more research studies are necessary before the product is released into the health care market, we are encouraged by the initial progress and there real interest for this technology is already. Gerhard W. Meyer, founder of MEYTEC: “We are delighted with the close collaboration and partnership established with Medfield Diagnostics. The new technology developed by the former Ericsson engineers, can be ideally supplemented by our telemedicine solutions, especially in the prehospital phase where there is potential for significant benefit to the patient.
– More information: Press Release: Medfield Diagnostics AB and German MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme sign cooperation agreement