The third Stroke Emergency Mobile (STEMO 2.0) started in Berlin-Neukölln

In April 2018 the third Stroke Emergency Mobile was deployed at the rescue station Mariendorf in Berlin-Neukölln. It is the third mobile emergency stroke unit in Berlin. The medical emergency care is delivered by doctors and MTRAs from Vivantes Hospital in Neukölln. The deployment of a third STEMO has ensured full coverage of the city of Berlin and with it faster and efficient prehospital emergency care.

The optimal distribution of the mobile emergency vehicles within the city area of Berlin enables the STEMO fleet to reach and supply care to a high number of patients with stroke symptoms. The “time is brain” rule means, that especially “the golden hour” after the onset is a significant time frame for an early start of diagnostics and commencement of therapy to achieve more positive effect for patient outcome. The deployment of STEMO contributes also to the consolidation of previous trial data and to confirmation of the positive scientific outcomes, as well as to verify long-term positive development. The diagnostic and therapeutic methods delivered on board of STEMO are comparable to those of a specialist stroke unit.

The first treatment results within the “golden hour” on board STEMO show, that Berlin has a leading position in the medical utilization of this innovative care concept worldwide. This approach is meeting with a great deal of interest in different countries worldwide and will no doubt be implemented in more and more countries as pilot projects.