Project for Tele-Palliative care in Bavaria meets expectations

Under the leadership of Prof. Stefan Lorenzl, the chief physician for neurology and palliative care at Hausham hospital, a new telemedicine project commenced in 2017, sponsored by the Federal State of Bavaria. MEYTEC delivered a laptop preloaded with MEYDOC® our new software for video communication, as well as the associated telemedicine equipment for six palliative care teams in Bavaria. The telemedicine equipment includes: smartphones and mobile hotspots situated to provide a bespoke solution. The smartphones are equipped with LTE-SIMs provided by Vodafone and the LTE-SIMs for WiFi-hotspots are provided by the mobile network operator German Telekom. The end-users rated highly the video consultations carried out within the project. In case of poor network quality the user can switch to the alternative LTE mobile network automatically.
While smartphones have proven successful, it is intended that they will be supplemented with Windows® tablets in the future. The latest results of the trial were presented by the project leader Dr. Chrisitane Weck at annual meeting of the neurologist DGN 2018 in Berlin. Further palliative teams will be equipped with the technology soon.