The first „Stroke Ambulance“ operates in Norway

Norwegian Air Ambulance deployed the first „Stroke Ambulance“ equipped with the MEYTEC technologies in Fredrikstad, Norway in October 2014. On board of the emergency vehicle are a CT-scanner as well as laboratory equipment. The ambulance and hospitals in Friedrikstad are connected telemedically via the bundling of several data channels from diverse mobile phone network operators. To transmit the CT-images effective compression technology for DICOM data provided by MEYTEC reducing the transmission time from the CT head scanner by at least 50 percent. The new system for audio and video communication operating in the vehicle was developed in the research project into emergency medicine, Telediagnostic (TeDiR) that allows the emergency team personnel to speak freely with the remote medical experts. The neurologist from the remote stroke unit can communicate with patients directly. The integrated system for video communication in real time between the ambulance vehicle and the stroke unit, allows for panning and/or tilting of the movable video camera for the better remote examination of the patient. If necessary, the medical specialist from the remote hospital can switch to the second head camera with optical zoom.

Telemedizin Norwegen Stroke Anbulance
Norwegen Stroke Anbulance, Telemedizin

Photos: Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation