Trial results of the project Tele-Diagnostic presented

On the 26th March of 2014 in Potsdam marked the reporting of the results of the research project “Tele-Diagnostik”. The executive director of MEYTEC GmbH informationssysteme, Gerhard W. Meyer, presented the results from MEYTEC. Amongst the highlights was the development of new telemedical diagnostics applications, among others things the creation of new Point-of-Care solutions and their embedding in the developed conception with tele-emergency-doctor. Firstly, MEYTEC was focused on the immediate medical diagnostics of relevant blood parameters in the pre-hospital use. The research partners from the Fraunhofer Institute IBMT in Potsdam and the IHP-Leibniz Institute in Frankfurt (Oder) have developed a platform for in-vitro-diagnostics. The next step is to measure the vital data collected from consultations. The measuring of ECG data under pre-hospital emergency conditions allows immediate diagnostics of the infarction within one minute. The integration of a blood picture laboratory machine delivers laboratory findings of 18 parameters within 1.5 minutes. All data is transmitted into the central system of values in real time via LTE-HSPA mobile radio bonding-system utilizing available servers. In combination with the telemedical audiovisual communication the tele-emergency-doctor receives all relevant data for performing examination.
In the context of the research project there was developed a newly equipped prototype of the special emergency ambulance with the name “Tele-Ambulanz“ with high-quality telemedical video communication and Point-of-Care diagnostics.

2014-teleambulanz Prototyp of the „Tele-Ambulanz” for the rescue service Frankfurt (Oder)