VIMED® CAR 3 – a telemedicine communication hub for ambulance

MEYTEC developed a new generation of the telemedicine communication hub for ambulances named VIMED® CAR 3. Showed at the conhIT 2017 in Berlin, the communication hub is designed for easy integration into standard ambulances. The integrated VIMED® CAR 3 unit receives and processes digitalized diagnostic data from available POCT-devices and provides that data via a high available mobile network to the specialist hospital. VIMED® CAR 3 also provides a high quality video communication between the ambulance?s staff, patients on board and remote medical experts. The components of the VIMED® CAR 3 provide suitable interfaces for processing and storing medical information. For example, the VIMED® TELEMEDIZINAKTE solution fulfils the requirements of interoperability for interaction with other telemedicine systems.