First Tele-Neuro-Intensive medicine network in Thuringia

Under the leadership of Dr. Albrecht Günther, Senior Physician of the Clinic for Neurology within the University Hospital Jena (Hospital director: Prof. Dr. Otto W. Witte) started the first Tele-Neuro-Intensive medicine network. Up to now there are hospitals in Arnstadt, Rudolstadt and Schleiz part of this new network by UKJ. With funding from the Ministry of Labour, Social, Health and Family of Thuringia, the intensive care units of the 3 partner hospitals were equipped with new telemedicine systems VIMED® TELEDOC-ICU, which meet the special requirements for the intensive care stations. The basis for the networking is the telemedicine network SATELIT, ensuring a smooth start to the project. After the initial phase the new telemedicine network operates daily. The remote experts from the University Hospital in Jena support their medical partners from Intensive Care Units via tele-neurointensive consultations.