Baden Württemberg starts a coordination centre for telemedicine

The Ministry of Science, Research and Art from the region of Baden-Wurttemberg started their first coordination centre for the innovative network of the telemedicine-supported care in Mannheim. The nationwide coordination centre should provide sustainability and quality of innovative telemedicine projects. It primary aim is to ensure that ongoing telemedicine projects get over the prototype and pilot phase and get a chance to be accepted as evidence-based medicine methods as well as becoming a part of regular care. The science ministry of the region Baden-Wurttemberg has invested 600.000 euros in the coordination centre. The German Society for Telemedicine has welcomed the opening of the coordination centre. It is an example of how governments can accelerate the creation and long term support of basic conditions for telemedicine.
Source: press release Nr. 43/2014 from the 04th June of 2014, Ministry of Science, Research and Art of the region Baden-Wurttemberg