Cluster conference Health Economy of Berlin-Brandenburg 2018

The annual cluster conference “Health Economy of Berlin-Brandenburg 2018” was held in the federal state of Brandenburg in Berlin. The policy makers were represented by the state secretaries for economics from Berlin and Brandenburg. Within the session “New types of the healthcare” Gerhard W. Meyer, managing director by MEYTEC, introduced technological aspects of the new supply project “Acute neurological care in the Northern-East Germany (ANNOTeM)” sponsored by the German Innovation Fund. The importance of this network was acknowledged by the conference for increasing the number of treatment cases. Gerhard W. Meyer valued the project as a realistic option to ensure an excellent emergency care in the rural regions overcoming the limitations brought about by the lack of medical specialists on site. He also promoted at the end of his speech, to use the established teleneurological network infrastructure for the new types of health care, including telepediatrics and teleintensive care.


Use telemedicine for better health care by acute neurological emergency cases – Gerhard W. Meyer about the latest results of #ANNOTeM. Project information @ChariteBerlin #HealthWeekBB
– Susanne Hertzer (@TKinBerlinBB) 8. Oktober 2018