New Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) in Saarland in operation

The Hospital for Neurology, University Hospital in Homburg (Saarland) has deployed a new Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) in March 2015, equipped with mobile CT and telemedicine technology. In addition to the CT-scanner the MSU is also equipped with the latest laboratory devices. The bundling of several data channels from multiple mobile phone network operators ensures the telemedicine network works efficiently. The head physician of the neurology department, Prof. Dr. Faßbender had already developed in 2003, a new health care concept for the prehospital stroke care on board a specially equipped MSU. The current model is based on the experiences of the first Mobile Stroke Unit. Furthermore, there are neurological diagnostics that can be performed by an experienced neurologist on the patient in the MSU, at the scene. After the exclusion of several contraindicators, using cross section assessment of CT-images, where appropriate thrombolysis therapy can be administered on board of the Mobile Stroke Unit. The affected persons benefit especially from the significant time reduction from alarm to needle times and have a better chance of a positive outcome.

MSU-Mobile-Stroke-UnitPhoto: – Prof. Dr. med. K. Fassbender